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It's probably not your fault. Everyone makes mistakes really, I mean you go along through this grand drama of life and it's inevitable you'll have your shining moments of glory and then you'll have those moments where, well... You do something WRONG.

Now you're probably not to be blamed for doing something wrong, you just did it. Not everyone knows about running widdershins, or running around a structure taking only left turns. Not everyone knows it's a bad idea to nap in a circle of mushrooms. Some people are brave enough to take a breath of graveyard air and then forgo sleeping with an open pair of scissors under their pillow. And it's not common for people to fall forward with their eyes wide open, let alone for them to know what a bad idea it is...

But you did it.

You did a wrong thing and that wrong thing made you fall out of your world and into this one of darkness. Those wrong things are CRACKS. Cracks in the world, in common sense, cracks in hope.You can fall through these cracks if you are unlucky enough to do a wrong thing. Or unlucky enough to call something to drag you in itself.

The thing about falling through the cracks is that you lose some of yourself on the way, and where perhaps you were a superhero or a schoolboy or a beautiful heroine now you are a monster.

You don't have time to grieve over what you are now (or celebrate if that's your thing and you're really naive about it) because there are things out there scarier than you. And hungrier than you. So you can stay in your crack or you can head inwards towards The City At The Center.

Welcome to A Dark World, a multifandom RPG based on the settings and characters of White Wolf's new World of Darkness, a gritty setting of urban fantasy and horror.


1. Do not godmod. Godmodding is taking control of another's character for any means or length of time without their expressed permission. It is violating and offensive.

2. This is an inclusive and open community. Epithets based on race, gender, religion or sexuality that are not meant purely in jest will not be tolerated. You may not request that another member be banned for any of these reasons, unless they are hounding, stalking or flaming you and causing you real distress.

3. Stay in character to the best of your ability.

4. This comm allows material of all ratings. If your rating is R or over please friendslock it and put it behind a cut so we don't get in trouble from the Powers That Be. =D


Logs should contain the following:

Open or closed?: Open logs are available to anyone in the in-game area, closed logs are privately created between two or more characters.
Who: The characters involved in the log.
Where: The location of the log. (City area, setting, etc.)
When: The date and time of day of the log.
What: A short summary of your log and its rating. (G through NC-17)


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