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Monster: Who you are now.




The Created

The Fae

The Bound

The Hunters

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Applications go here! When accepted, please reply with your character journal and join both adarkworld and adarkworldooc and enjoy.

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"I... am not who I was, nor who I am meant to be, because They took me and brought me... THERE. I could not forget where I came from, could no longer live in that world of dreams and nightmares, so I fought my way past the Thorns, away from Arcadia and the Faerie creatures, and came back here... but... no one knows me anymore... SomeTHING else has been living my life and now I have no home. I am lost. I must find myself."

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The Physical Realm
The physical world is the world that humanity inhabits, identical to our own. Events that occur in the Physical Realm affect those in the other two. The Shadow Realm births new spirits to represent the physical objects and new ideas that are created in the material plane.

The Twilight Realm
Not truly a realm in and of itself, the Twilight is simply the world of invisible beings on the physical plane. When something is referred to as being "in twilight" it means it is just one step in and out of the Physical and Shadow realms. Ghosts and Spirits in the Physical Realm are always considered to be in the Twilight until they fully manifest themselves in a material form. Also, Ghosts only exist in Twilight, they cannot cross into the Shadow completely.

The Shadow Realm
Acting as a dark mirror to the physical world, the Shadow is where Spirits of all kinds dwell and are born.

Werewolves and those Mages who have knowledge of the Spirit Arcanum can move freely into the Shadow realm and manipulate Essence, the energy that makes up Spiritual matter. With this they can communicate with, learn from, and command Spirits.


"My grasp extends far past the reach of my fingertips. I cause the elements to dance at my command, time to halt, space to split, fortune to favor me, reality to bend to my will. I am a Mage. I can do ANYTHING."

The MageCollapse )


"Lift your voices! Pierce the sky! Howl your anger, your sorrow, your despair, your HOPE! Cry out to Great Mother Luna and let her hear that her children remain STRONG!"

The WerewolfCollapse )


"I dance within this gilded cage, playing out my eternal requiem. I am a player in the grandest masquerade, and my still heart stirs for no one. I feed on the living, though I am dead. I must act the beast, lest a beast I become."

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